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Peridot Norai - Lineart 2 by Leoren
Peridot Norai - Lineart 2

Finally got to drawing one of my first and definitely my favorite OCs, Peridot Norai! (also seen in a drawing an old friend made for me:…

Though don’t let her cutesy smile fool you, it’s only a mask that hides the fires of rage, fed by the knowledge that a buff and hot body does not remove the cute and chubby face that’s caused by young age.
But don’t worry, Peri! Just a few more years…

(PS don't worry I'll definitely finish coloring this one later.)

Queen of Omniscience by Leoren
Queen of Omniscience
I was going to color this (hence the lack of leaves), but I've lost any motivation I had to to that, so I just slapped a green background on it and am submitting it here. 
Um, she's kind of an OC, I guess? A while back, the frequent combination of fairies and forests came to my attention, and I wondered what it would be like if fey were made of wood instead of flesh, and each was based of different types of trees. 

So this fey, "Queen Of Omniscience" - as is one of her many titles - is based off an aspen tree, and all the "eyes" you see on her skin is symbolism of her ability to see all. Or at least that's what the legends say. She is considered a goddess by many, and is revered by fey and mortal alike. 
Let's just say; when she looks into your eyes, your deepest, darkest wish isn't the only thing she can see. 
The Avatar is Here to Kick Your Ass by Leoren
The Avatar is Here to Kick Your Ass
My queen, Korra! How could I not draw her? This is my latest completed piece, and by far the one I'm most satisfied with. But that's mainly because I figured out how to use the "lasso" tool and put her body back into proportion. Thank god for Google. 
Terezi by Leoren
I don't know anything about Homestuck, but I know that my friend seems to love this character, Terezi, so I drew her for her! 
Look who's found herself back on Deviantart. Bloody nostalgia. 
Anyway, I'm just gonna go straight to the point; I've started drawing again! And I have to say my art style and talent have improved quite a bit, despite the fact that I hadn't touched a piece of paper in over a year, but that just seems to be how my skill evolution works. 
But aside from that, maybe expect more frequent submissions! I don't know how or why, but I've gotten sudden love for drawing and I am determined to get better, even if I have to practice for years (which I will)! Boo-yaaa! 
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Sup, losers? I'm back and in action! Yes, my art may still sear your eyeballs out of your sockets just by looking at it, but I am content with my drawings and am determined to get better through lots and lots of practice!

Anyway, it won't surprise me if none of my followers remember me anymore, but it is good to see you all again!
And to new-comers, it's good to see you too!
Any tips and thingies that you think would help improve my art experience are more than welcome.

Have a nice day!


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